Research and Consultancy

Overview :

Jeppiaar College of Arts and Science has commenced research programmes in various disciplines several members of our faculty had already undertaken scholarly research activities. All the departments are encouraged to do research at UG level itself by allowing students to do Mini Projects, Group Projects, Major Projects, Internships and Summer training to inculcate the research interest. Principal of the College has been the supervisor for 23 Ph.D scholars and also published more than 210 research articles in National and International Journals. Thus, research has been part of the academic culture in JAS campus. The activities include the research, the Dissertation work or mini research projects done by the students at the Under Graduate level. Periodical guest lectures with renowned scholars, researchers and young scientists animate the academic ambience and give impetus to the young minds. Researchers in various faculty have ties with various International and National libraries and other centers of active research.

Breach Of Research Conduct

A breach of the code for the research conduct is an unintentional failure to comply with principles or specific provisions of the college’s research policies governing the conduct of research by the researchers. Repeated or continuing breaches of the may constitute research misconduct.

Research misconduct includes:

Fabrication of data or results.

Falsification or misrepresentation of data or results.

Plagiarism of data, results or written outputs.

Redundant or duplicate publication of data, results or written outputs.

Failure to declare or adequately manage risk to the safety of human participants or the well being of animals or the environment.

Misleading ascription of authorship to a publication, including:

Listing authors without their permission.

Attributing work to people who did not contribute to the publication.

Omitting people who are eligible to be authors.

Failing to appropriately acknowledge the work primarily produced by others.

Failure to disclose conflicts of interest or cases where a conflict of interest might reasonably be perceived to exist.

Falsification or misrepresentation to obtain funding.

Misuse or misappropriation of funds.